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We've always been 100% dedicated to helping each and every client get cheaper auto insurance! Customers have been selecting us for cheap car insurance coverage in addition to quality homeowner's insurance protection that's not just affordable but also backed by outstanding service.
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”Praetorian Auto Insurance makes buying car insurance so easy and they have saved me hundreds. I appreciate all their excellent, professional service too. They are always there to help. They deliver what I need. That's it. ”

– John D. from Fort Worth, TX

“I like the low-down payments from $20. That helped me get insured during a cash crunch. I recommend this company to anyone needing great car insurance.”

–Linda H. Nashville, TN

Press Release

Praetorian Insurance Company announces plans to sell and Underwrite all of QBE's Auto Insurance Unit.

As part of QBE Insurance Limited Group, Praetorian Insurance Company now offers and underwrites automobile insurance policies
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At Praetorian Auto, our mission and focus is to help each customer save as much as they can on auto insurance. Visit our website for the list of available discounts that will save you even more.